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horse stall mat
From Texas, Clipper, Marte and Mr. Ed enjoys CWF Flooring, Inc's horse stall matting.
Horse Stall Mats

Our rubber horse stall mat flooring is ideal for many of your ranch needs! We know that the comfort of your horses is of utmost importance to you. Your horses will be less fatigued standing on our rubber stall mats instead of the hard ground or cold cement. Our horse stall flooring is easily hosed off and wonít absorb urine or harbor bacteria. You will need less bedding and the air quality for your horse in his comfortable, rubber-floored, stall will be much more pleasant and healthy without the urine and ammonia build-up you have with a dirt floor stall.

Rubber horse stall mat flooring is also perfect for your horse trailer. Equine rubber runners will reduce your horsesí fatigue from standing in the trailer and will increase his traction, and thereby his comfort, during travel as well. And again, hosing off the trailer mats will be a breeze!

Use equine rubber mats to line the walls of your stalls as well. Stall walls will be attractive and safe and will not invite cribbing. Rubber mats make ideal wash areas mats, barn mats, aisle mats, and ramp mats, as well.

Dog kennels need durable, comfortable, rubber flooring as well, and if you have dairy cattle, our anti-fatigue rubber flooring is a must. Keep all of your animal environments healthy, safe and comfortable with rubber flooring horse stall matting!

Horse Stall Matting
Tiffany's horse from Colorado is happier with 3/8" thick rubber horse stall mats.


1/2" thick x 4 ft wide x 12ft. long $116.00
Quantity :

1/2" thick 4 ft wide $2.43 sq. ft.
Quantity :
horse stall mat rolls
orses are not color blind but can see blue and green the best. Reds appear more green. So, blue specs would be best for horse stall mats.
horse stall mat rolls
Solid Black horse stall matting is the least expensive.
Horse stall mats interlocking tiles (Black Only)
horse matting rolls  
interlocking rubber tiles


24" x 24" 3/8" thick $9.67 PER TILE
Quantity :

24" x 24" x 1/2" thick
$11.00 PER TILE
Quantity :

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Mats for Horse Stalls

12x12 horse stall

A 12ft. x 12 ft. horse stall requires three 4ft. wide rolls Cut 12ft. long

horse hoof Protect your horses's knees with the
insulating features of rubber horse stall matting.


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